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The dreaded “about me” is always difficult to tackle. Simply put, I’m a freelance copywriter. That may draw to mind sweatpants, a messy bun, a steaming cup of coffee and plenty of relaxation, but I promise you, that imagery is wrong. (Well, okay, I am likely rocking a messy bun and some sweats). Otherwise, I am not your average copywriter. I’m a different breed entirely. People have described me as quirky, fun, ambitious, sarcastic, and bold enough to say what’s on my mind. It’s that last part that allows me to write the kind of web copy you need. My bold, witty approach allows me to turn your small business into a big deal. Let’s turn up the volume on that voice of yours to make sure your audience hears everything there is to love about you, your brand, and your company.

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Do you have BIG ideas? Innovative products, services, or software? Have you been told that your dreams, ambitions, and ideas are silly? I’m here to say forget that! We’ll embrace your ideas, products, services, and whatever else you offer together. Using my engaging and unique copywriting skills, we will stand loud and proud as a means of reaching out to your audience. I will also use my skills to help you generate loyal followers or customers. The goal is to give your people the chance to get to know you and what makes your ideas, products, services, or software so important and worthwhile. So, if you’re ready, let’s get LOUD together!

“Why waste a sentence saying nothing?” Seth Godin

Hiring a copywriter is about finding one that offers a unique set of copywriting skills that matches your content needs. Above all, Contentfully Creative focuses on web copy that helps companies find a voice that best matches their brand. Furthermore, the goal is also to implement SEO-friendly practices so your web copy serves as a marketing tool. For that reason, I offer competitive web copy, research, and SEO skills (along with plenty of sarcasm, wit, and charm).

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Benefits of Quality Web Content

WebWeb content can make or break the success of a company. Of course, a beautifully designed website is what initially draws your audience. However, it is the content that converts them into continued visitors or customers. In addition, optimized content improves your rank among search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find you. For example, the more content you post, the more likely you will experience increased traffic. In fact, you should consider posting at least 16 blogs per month.

Fun Facts about Web Content

Many mind-blowing facts and statistics prove just how relevant content is for businesses. Truthfully, many business owners are often stunned to find out just how much they can benefit from carefully curated content provided to them by a skilled copywriter.

Indeed, companies that post 16 or more blogs per month experience 3.5 times more web traffic compared to companies that blog four times or less per month. After that, search rankings tend to improve significantly.


Not surprisingly, consumption jumped 57% between 2014 and 2016 thanks to Facebook users who were in search of something worth looking at, reading, and sharing. Furthermore, content consumption still tends to be a popular medium for many users.


Furthermore, among the billions of people who use Facebook, 76% do so in an attempt to find content that is worth their while (think posts, blogs, infographics, and more). However, many people skim posts, so make sure your content is engaging, captivating, and loud enough to gain you recognition!.

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I have a motto. Think it. Build it. Brand it. In other words, if you have ideas in your head, let them flow. Dream BIG! Once you get those creative juices flowing, breathe life into your ideas. BUILD YOUR DREAMS from the ground up. Develop your products, services, or software. Next, BRAND IT! Let me provide you with statement pieces and web copy that leaps of the page and captures your audience. Need a bit more convincing? Check out some statements from satisfied customers below!

“I needed content for my brand new company website. Contentfully Creative came through with a custom package that provided me with content for all my web pages and I even received my first blog post free of charge. Now, my company website appears first on Google when people search my targeted keyword.”

Corey L.

“Contentfully Creative came through for me when I needed carefully curated email content. Cathy, the owner of Contentfully Creative took the time to listen to my needs and provide me with a custom quote for content. Truthfully, I look forward to using her services again in the future. Thanks again for the great work, Cathy!”

Joey K

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Are you ready for a strategic approach to your content needs? How about verbiage that focuses on selling you as much as your products and services? Are you ready to work with a writer that possesses the copywriting skills needed to craft words into a visual language that jives with your vibe? If so, use the form below and let’s get started on your awesomely authentic, absolutely shareable, and addictive content.

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