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If you want to bring your brand and voice to life, I can help. Over the last 15 years, I have gained knowledge and experience as an SEO copywriter, which allows me to help several business owners breathe life into their branded web copy. Thanks to my expertise, I also know what strategies work to engage website visitors. Overall, goal is to create shareable, engaging, informative web copy to grow your audience and loyal customer base. Experience well-written content that acts as a marketing tool.

Furthermore, I provide packages that work best for business owners. As a business owner, content creation often takes a back burner. Unfortunately, not many business owners have time to sit and create thought-provoking content combined with engaging titles. My packages make it simple for you to focus on more important tasks while I handle the rest. Let’s work together to find your voice and develop the brand loyalty you’ve worked so hard to build using the skills I’ve developed as an SEO copywriter.

I Target Your Customers

If you are interested in targeting customers locally, I use proper local search engine optimizations to attract them. Here at Contentfully Creative, the goal is to ensure that you reach as many potential customers as possible. The more people you reach, the greater your chances of success. Let Contentfully Creative help you achieve that success using unique SEO copywriter techniques.

I Analyze and Improve Your SEO

The goal at Contentfully Creative is to implement keywords that best match your company’s profile, brand, voice, and needs. I implement the keywords into the content naturally to help improve your search engine rank. As an SEO copywriter, I will also analyze your top competitors to help you create a content plan that can give you a competitive edge.

A Secret Blend of Herbs, Spices, and…SUCCESS!

At this point, you may have explored other writing services before landing here. Therefore, it is likely that you have seen SEO copywriter services advertised elsewhere. It is a prominent phrase among the writing community. But what is SEO exactly? How does it help you and your business? What techniques work best to drive traffic? Finding the questions to those answers can help you determine if SEO copywriting services are the best fit for you.


Simply put, SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO increases the quality and quantity of traffic to a website while also increasing your brand’s exposure. The role of an SEO copywriter is to drive traffic to your website organically.


What Does SEO Do?

When done right, search engine optimization techniques can improve your website’s ranking among search results. Consider the fact that average people who perform a search online do not go beyond the first five results. If your website does not feature on the first page of user’s search results, it could mean trouble for you.


Is a Professional SEO Copywriter Necessary?

Many business owners are not familiar with SEO practices. It goes above and beyond the technicalities. An SEO copywriter must also know how people think and search.

A lot goes into the research to determine what search results people use for a particular industry. Understanding popular search terms used by people helps the SEO copywriter craft content that will improve a website’s placement among search results.


SEO Practices

Some of the best SEO practices that I like to use include:

  1. Offering easy-to-read, engaging content with no fluff or filler content
  2. Using relevant page titles or eye-catching blog post titles
  3. Ensuring the usage of proper tags (H1, H2, etc.)
  4. Researching keywords and emphasizing the importance of long-tail keywords
  5. Stressing the importance of a consistent blog schedule to my clients (maintaining consistent posts means your visitors know what to expect)
  6. Writing for the audience first rather than the search engines (engaging your audience is the key to improving your brand)
  7. Incorporating properly formatted imagery (compressing media files so that they do not slow down the load speed of your web pages)
  8. Writing in a voice that is natural, yet still features important keywords (keywords should appear naturally throughout the content – avoid overstuffing!)
  9. Creating a link-building plan (when your content contains links to other articles or pages on your website, it keeps customers focused on your site and provides easy navigation)
  10. Suggestions for shareable content using embed codes, such as infographics, videos, blogs, and imagery

If you are ready to improve your website’s traffic and brand recognition, reach out to me today! I can discuss an SEO copywriter approach that works best for you based on your wants and needs.


Quick Facts

Did You Know:

  • When done right, SEO can improve conversion rates by 14.6%
  • More than half of all web search queries contain more than four words (hence the importance of long-tail keyword phrases)
  • People are more likely to make purchases from a website that answers their questions using clear, concise, and easy-to-understand answers


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