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A content writer can go on and on about how much experience he or she has. That writer can also brag about skills and knowledge. The truth is, business owners don’t want to hear it. The only way to prove your expertise is to highlight it through previous work. When it comes to content writing, a portfolio is the best form of proof.

Portfolios provide a visual representation of a copywriter’s skills. A portfolio allows you to view previous projects so you know beyond a doubt you are hiring someone that can provide professional content writing. Here at Contentfully Creative, the goal is to provide that proof of skills, experience, and knowledge. I will let my past content writing projects speak for me and my ability to assist you with your web copy needs.

5 Tactics That Will Allow You to Create Contagious Social Media Content

This content piece was enjoyed so much by Alt Creative that the company agreed to post it as a guest post on their website along with my byline. Read on to find out how to create contagious social media content.

How Do You know if You're Working With a Professional Web Design Company?

An informative post created for Pixel Agility explaining the ways you can identify a professional web design company and why it is important.

Multiple Myeloma Life Expectancy

SEO content created for a science and medical website. A private client asked me to provide my content writing services and agreed to feature my name at the top of the article.

Web Design vs. Web Deveopment

A blog post that explains the difference between a web designer and web developer for a web design and marketing company. The purpose of this post was to inform readers of the differences so they could better understand what to expect from the services the company offers.

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