How LinkedIn Users Taught Me to Be a Quality Content Writer

I have been a quality content writer and strategist for over fifteen years. Over the years, I was taught the importance of competitiveness. You must offer your clients something that sets you apart from the competition. As such, I continuously found ways to underscore the value of my so-called “competitors.” Recently, LinkedIn users taught me a valuable lesson about competition and how to be a better writer.

I Have NO Competitors

You read that right, and no, I’m not tooting my own horn here. There are so many qualified individuals out there who offer excellent content writing services. I’ve managed to connect with many of those amazing writers. Through the LinkedIn platform, we help each other grow. I value them, and they appreciate me. We bounce ideas off one another to help ensure we commit to being a quality content writer to meet your needs.

The problem with writers who claim to be better than any other quality content writer is they are offering you something that doesn’t exist. Anyone can claim they are the best at something. A highly skilled writer knows that it is important to pay homage to others out there. Those talented individuals are not my competitors because we can each benefit from one another.

Let Me Explain…

As someone who has been writing as long as I have, there are only a few topics I struggle to write about. I embrace challenging topics. However, every writer has weaknesses and strengths. A quality content writer can recognize their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, a writer may need more time to do more work. The writer may be unable to approach your topic or writing needs.

Rather than falling prey to those weaknesses, a skilled writer can connect with the writing community. That writer will then use those connections to make necessary recommendations based on your needs. In other words, rather than viewing other writers as competitors, I view them as potential partners. We can help one another grow by passing on work to each other when we know it plays to our strengths.

Find a Writer That Cares

When you work with a quality content writer, find one that cares about your needs. Do not fall victim to inflated promises. You deserve a writer willing to provide you with honesty, including recommending you to someone else if necessary. A writer without connections raises a red flag. How in touch and qualified is a writer if they do not have relationships with other like-minded individuals?

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