10 Irresistible Reasons You Need A Professional Content Writer

In this day and age, the web is the most valuable tool for business owners both large and small. Gone are the days when the majority of consumers shopped inside retail stores. Now, people prefer to skip standing in line in favor of online shopping. Therefore, your website is the first and only chance you get to make a good impression. If you are willing to invest the funds in designing a beautiful website that is visually appealing, why not also invest in the content? Believe it or not, content is just as valuable (if not more than) your website’s design. Here are ten reasons why you need to invest in a professional content writer.

Lower Marketing Costs

Traditionally, businesses spend quite a lot of their budget on advertising and marketing. It is recommended that a company generating less than $5 million in annual revenue should spend 7-8% of their budget on advertising and marketing. However, it is scary to invest that much on results that you are hoping to see in the future. It is not guaranteed that you will generate enough revenue to compensate for what you spent.

Optimizing Presence for Improved Marketing

Many small businesses also advertise or market themselves through Facebook, LinkedIn, and AdWords. In that case, you are paying per click. The problem is, you might have hundreds of people who click on your add, but less than a dozen of them become customers. As such, you are paying for clicks that did not account for customer conversion. If you create a robust online presence, however, you can reduce your marketing costs significantly. Through the strength of your content, you can provide value to potential consumers.

Optimizing Content as a Form of Marketing

Content gives you a way to improve your presence on multiple channels, too. The goal is to have shareable content that people click on, read, and share. The more people share your content, the wider the audience you reach. As a bonus, you are not paying for people to click on your content. Of course, you will need substantial, presentable, and engaging content.

Not surprisingly, many business owners are not content writers. They may attempt to write their own content to save money, but fall flat, which does little to impress your audience. A professional who specializes in content can get the job done for less than you would pay for marketing. As it stands, for simple page content or blog posts, I charge fair market rates. Fair market rates allow you to weed out serious content writers compared to writers who are simply looking to churn out content as quickly as they can to make a buck.

Non-Stop Quality Content

There are several businesses already out there investing in high-quality content. Those businesses are your competitors. Make sure you get ahead of the competition by continuously posting high-quality content. The moment you slow down or stop producing content is the moment you lose interest and traffic. As a business owner, you are likely far too busy to churn out content continuously for your website. That is where a professional content writer can save the day. I can set you up with a schedule that allows me to deliver content regularly. Content writing takes time and time is money. Therefore, hiring someone else to do it for you helps you save time and money.

Freelance Saves You Money

Hiring a professional content writer helps save you money in ways you might not have considered. Should you choose to update your site with quality content, hiring a freelancer means you do not have to hire someone in-house. Hiring someone in-house means you will have to shell out additional fees for employee benefits. By law, employees are eligible for specific benefits, which may include health, dental, and vision benefits. You may also find yourself in a position of having to offer paid personal time off, paid sick leave and paid vacation.

Hiring a content writer to provide you with professional content means you do not have to worry about any of that. With a content writer, you strictly pay for the services provided and nothing else. There is no need to cough over any additional money. If the content writer gets sick or takes a vacation, it is not your job to cover that expense. Therefore, hiring a professional content writer means you can reap the benefits of spending less than you would on an employee.

You Need Another Set of Eyes

Writing is not something you can master in a sense that it will always come out perfect. Even the most prolific writers use a second set of eyes. For instance, famed book authors hire editors to read and revise their work. Therefore, it only makes sense for you to do the same with your web content. If you already have existing content on your site, a professional content writer can look it over, correct mistakes, and provide you with an objective opinion. Let’s face it. When you read your work, you are hardly unbiased.

You might think you wrote the next best masterpiece, but a second set of eyes could provide a more honest opinion. If you’re going to place content on your website, you should make sure it is done right. The only way to ensure it is right is to grab that second set of eyes. I provide copyediting services for a relatively low fee to help save you time and money. If you notice your content is not grabbing views, it is definitely a good idea to have someone else take a closer look.

Less Money on Resources

As previously mentioned, an in-house writer would increase your costs since you would need to shell out the cost of benefits. Consider that you would also have to spend money to provide the writer with office space, equipment, and software. Hardware and software alone could end up costing a pretty penny. When you hire a content writer, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It is up to the content writer to make sure they have the latest and greatest tools and technology. Also, it is up to the content writer to make sure they have a decent internet connection. Otherwise, you would be paying out-of-pocket for internet, software, hardware, and space. So why not save money on resources by outsourcing instead?

Money Spent Efficiently

As a business owner, you have likely dealt with an unfavorable employee at least once in your life. Perhaps you had an employee who liked to waste time while on the clock, which is more common than you might think. Hiring someone to work on your content in-house could lead you to inefficient spending. It is a toss-up whether or not you will find someone reliable. If you hire someone in-house who would rather waste time on the clock, it means you are paying more for content than you should.

With a freelance writer, however, you are only paying for the content. Many freelancers charge per word or per piece. Very rarely will a content writer charge by the hour. With a per word or per piece rate, you can control how much you spend. Also, it allows you to spend your money more efficiently. Whether the content writer takes an hour or a whole day, you are only paying for the content rather than the time it takes them to complete the work.

Less Distracting

When you have employees working for you, it can cause unnecessary distractions. As a business owner, it is up to you to monitor your employees. You have to make sure they are staying on task and performing well. The same goes for an in-house writer. It is far too distracting to have to stand there breathing down your writer’s back. There are better things you could be doing, and probably need to do. There isn’t a single business owner that doesn’t have a mountain of things to do. Rather than distracting yourself with yet another employee to monitor, hire a remote freelance writer instead.

Thankfully, I am a self-starting, motivated content writer that can get on tasks and stay on them. Once you submit your request for content, you can focus on important things that need your attention. I will provide you with a deadline and submit your content by that deadline. In other words, you will not have to deal with distractions, which means you will have more time to focus on your business and revenue generation.

Hire Someone Else

If you have someone working for you that isn’t doing a well enough job, you can fire them, right? Wrong. Sometimes it is not that simple. Some businesses must exhaust other options before merely terminating someone. For instance, some companies must provide a warning before firing. Others must provide more training. Whatever the case may be, it is not always as easy to fire someone as you might think. Working with an in-house writer could create those same issues. Working with a freelancer, however, dissolves those issues entirely. If you are not happy with your content writer or the work they provide, you can move on and look for another one without any repercussions.

Google-Approved Quality

How do competitors grab the high page ranks that they have? I’m sure you have asked yourself that question many times, especially if you face low page ranks. Low search engine ranking is bad news for business owners. Most people who browse the internet do not search past the first few pages, and even that is being generous at times. If a person cannot find what they are looking for on the first two to three pages, they will move on. You want to ensure that your page ranks within those first three pages or less.

One of the best ways to improve your page rank is to improve quality and search engine optimization (SEO). You are likely going to use keywords to optimize your content. Unfortunately, keyword stuffing can lower your page rank even further. A professional, on the other hand, can offer natural keyword placement, quality content, and improved SEO to help boost your website’s rank. Google recognizes quality content through a number of mechanisms, and a great content writer knows that.

For instance, Google may check to see if the information you provide is factually correct. Google may also look for errors and plagiarism. Finally, Google will also sometimes analyze the engagement level of content. As a professional content writer, I understand that I must deliver excellent, high-quality content if I wish to stay in business. Unhappy customers mean no business and no business means no money. Therefore, I strive to go above and beyond the expectations of my customers by providing engaging content that is creative, informative, and properly optimized.

Broad Range Expertise

As a business owner, you are not expected to have a wealth of knowledge about every aspect of life. However, business owners sometimes need subject matter from people who really know their stuff. Writers are one of your best resources for subject matter. A writer with several years of experience has likely written almost any topic imaginable (I know I have). There are others who have a specific niche. For instance, you may find a writer that writes explicitly about real estate, another who writes only legal topics, and another who writes about technology.

Either way, a writer can come in handy because they can provide you with a broad range of expertise beyond what you might know on your own. If you are looking for researched and accurate insight on a topic, reach out to a contract writer, like myself. I welcome all manner of inquiry from clients in search of content. Overall, content writing is the glue that binds your website together. You may have a visually gorgeous looking sight, but without high-quality world glue, it will fall apart. The visual appeal is what makes customers say “ooh” and “ahh,” but it is the content that sells your products or services.

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